Music: moving on.

This might end up being too extreme, but I’ve decided to stop listening to any track in my Music collection.

It’s been a while since I’ve really listened to something new, something I really really took to. The first time that happened was to Linkin Park, back in early 2000s, then Metallica, then Maiden and Tool; Pink Floyd and Simon and Garfunkel followed soon after, and later some Blues; now, after three years of peer pressure, EDM.

I’ve picked up some alternative and punk rock; not to forget some absolutely amazing Post-Rock too ! But for the last two years or so, I’ve not really expanded existing or explored new musical horizons, apart from Avicii or Walldahl or Vicetone in the last few months.

Which is horrible. And apathetic. Or horribly apathetic. Bleargh !

It is the equivalent of sticking to the same gym routine for a year, reading the same couple of books over and over again, or re-mapping keys to different shortcuts while keeping your dotfiles functionally the same.

Or basically typing

sudo pacman -Syu

everyday for the last year.

So I’ve decided to stop listening to any track in my Music collection.

Instead, I’ll make a point to continually explore new artists. Each day, or each song will be one I haven’t heard of.

Quite extreme huh ?

I’ve given myself time to research artists and genres. It’ll be a fortnightly cycle. I’ll give myself a break after two weeks for a week then start again. I’ll keep you posted.

I start New Year’s Day. You know, just for that psychological clean slate.


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