One step at a time…

Phew. That semester was quite…overwhelming. And probably the best of them all. In every way except one. (Don’t ask) 


And now I have an entire month (or almost) to work and improve myself. To grow as an individual. Oh the endless possibilities !!!

Or while away time, binging on uncountable mind-numbing TV series, watching my brain rot away, and browsing the ever growing, omniscient, omnipresent Internet (probably imgur, HN, Twitter, Medium, svbtle, reddit, Mashable, in that order), combing my bookmarks and Pocket and Feedly for links of anything involving the lossy transaction of nondescript facts, memes, tweets and such junk. 

No, really !

Well, I really do hope to get something out of this, even if it is another batch of wine, a solved hexagonal rubiks cube, a properly set up Raspberry Pi, finishing Walden, hyperproductivity, an improved number of pages turned, an improved knowledge of Footballs greatest, more clicks on my A37 or more miles on the road.

Or code. Definitely. Yeah, code. An Nginx server, a tweet mining client and the likes. 


So although my posts have been too far too few, don’t be shocked to see one every few days. Yes, I said ‘every’ and ‘few days’ together. Don’t choke behind that wry smile of yours. 

Now go sit in a corner, watching (or rewatching ?) House of Cards, Downton Abbey and reruns of That 70s Show, while Manchester United probably end in the lower half of the Premier League table (what ? they might just !) and you overeat yourself to the other side of a Snorlax. And nervously waiting for the premier of Sherlock !

PS: Fletcher’s back ! And got to see Zaha play for the first time ! Though he needs more time on the pitch than (allegedly) in bed with a certain someone.


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