I am an amateur Vintner. This is my wine.

This isn’t your usual vintner’s (if you do call a vintner usual!)post – how s/he posts the recipe used and goes about each step telling the good and bad of the what, how and when of making wine at home.

I have been making wine at home for a year now. This is the latest batch.

Beautiful color.

White wine. Beautiful color.

My dad started making wine about two decades ago. He helped me last time. Unfortunately last time, I was too involved in learning the process to actually record it with a few pictures. This time I did get a few.

Its quite potent and mildly sweet. I actually wanted to gauge its strength but for lack of time, could not.

I didn’t want to post the recipe here. I wanted people to focus more on the outcome, the romantic beauty of Vinification. A recipe turns out to be classically ugly, with its lecturing tone and follow-me-blindly┬áprocedural.

But if people do want it, I’ll update this post with a link.

I have shot these with my Sony A-37.

PS: the classic and romantic split is derived from my current read, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Cheers !

Wine for two.

Wine for two.