A weekend of tuneful nirvana.

This is the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Delhi I attended, in October. I know this post is very late. A whole of 2 months late. But I had to put these up.


Setting up the sound at the Dewarists stage.

Dewarists Stage.





Them Clones.

Them Clones.


Moving towards the Black Rock Arena.

Another stage for couples.


The Dewarists tree. You lit it up by generating power through pedalling.



The East India Company.



Amazing lights.


The tree at night, all lit up.


Gearing up for the Midival Pundits (I think).









One of my best finds at the festival. Blackstrat Blues.


Soulful strumming.



Later joined by these two.








Indian Ocean.


The last song of the concert.