Trying to put one out there

I just can’t sort through the ideas in my head for my first blog post right now(i know i’m late!) but iThink  i think I’ll just keep it simple.

What is it with the world and the relentless demand for newer models of the iPhone? I mean ever since the iPhone4 was launched people,either weren’t happy with the features or they just get bored too easily now, people kept throwing up silly rumors of the iPhone 4S or 5. And now just by word of mouth,even the respected blogs have lapped up all the news and all you can see now is iPhone 4S or 5 rumor round up! Apple hasn’t even officially announced ANY, even sort of, news about the new model.

You can never be too sure that you have the latest gadget going around.


2 thoughts on “Trying to put one out there

  1. pretty good for ur first one……continue doing this, and stick to gadgets coz ur great at researching them

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